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At Texas Dog Academy, we understand that your dog is more than just a pet; they’re a part of your family. Located in the heart of the Lone Star State, Texas Dog Academy is committed to providing top-notch training for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Our comprehensive programs are designed to meet the unique needs of every dog and owner, ensuring a harmonious relationship built on trust, respect, and understanding.

Why Choose Texas Dog Academy?

Choosing the right training program for your dog is a crucial decision that can impact your pet’s behavior and your overall experience as a dog owner. Texas Dog Academy stands out for several reasons:

  1. Experienced Trainers: Our team of professional trainers has years of experience working with dogs of all breeds and temperaments. They are well-versed in the latest training techniques and are committed to continuous learning.
  2. Customized Training Programs: We recognize that every dog is unique, and so are their training needs. Texas Dog Academy offers personalized training programs tailored to your dog’s specific requirements, whether they need basic obedience training, advanced behavioral modification, or specialized training for service and therapy dogs.
  3. Positive Reinforcement: At Texas Dog Academy, we believe in the power of positive reinforcement. Our training methods are designed to encourage good behavior through rewards and praise, fostering a positive and enjoyable learning environment for your dog.
  4. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our facilities are equipped with the latest training tools and resources. From spacious training areas to comfortable boarding facilities, Texas Dog Academy provides a safe and nurturing environment for your dog.
  5. Community and Support: We are more than just a training center; we are a community of dog lovers. Texas Dog Academy offers ongoing support to our clients, including follow-up sessions, online resources, and a network of fellow dog owners.

Comprehensive Training Programs

Texas Dog Academy offers a wide range of training programs designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog with specific behavioral issues, we have a program that will suit your needs.

Puppy Training

Starting your puppy off on the right paw is crucial for their development. Texas Dog Academy’s puppy training program focuses on socialization, basic obedience, and house training. Our trainers use gentle, positive reinforcement techniques to teach your puppy essential skills and behaviors.

  • Socialization: Early socialization is key to raising a well-adjusted dog. Our program includes controlled interactions with other dogs and people to help your puppy develop confidence and good manners.
  • Basic Obedience: We cover the basics such as sit, stay, come, and leash walking, ensuring your puppy learns to follow commands consistently.
  • House Training: We provide practical tips and techniques to help you house train your puppy effectively, minimizing accidents and building good habits.

Basic Obedience Training

For dogs of all ages, our basic obedience training program at Texas Dog Academy lays the foundation for good behavior. This program is perfect for dogs who need to learn or reinforce essential commands and manners.

  • Commands and Cues: Dogs will learn basic commands such as sit, stay, down, and come. We also teach polite leash walking and addressing common behavioral issues like jumping and barking.
  • Owner Education: Training isn’t just for dogs; it’s for owners too. We teach you how to communicate effectively with your dog and reinforce positive behaviors at home.

Advanced Obedience and Behavioral Modification

For dogs with specific behavioral issues or those ready for more advanced training, Texas Dog Academy offers advanced obedience and behavioral modification programs.

  • Advanced Commands: Dogs will learn more complex commands and behaviors, such as off-leash training, advanced recall, and precision heel work.
  • Behavioral Modification: For dogs with behavioral issues such as aggression, fear, or anxiety, our trainers develop customized plans to address and modify these behaviors. We use a combination of behavior modification techniques and positive reinforcement to help your dog overcome their challenges.

Specialized Training

Texas Dog Academy also offers specialized training for service dogs, therapy dogs, and dogs participating in canine sports.

  • Service Dog Training: We train dogs to assist individuals with disabilities, teaching them tasks such as retrieving items, opening doors, and providing support.
  • Therapy Dog Training: For dogs and owners interested in providing comfort and support to others, our therapy dog training program prepares you for certification and therapy work.
  • Canine Sports: From agility to scent work, our specialized training programs can prepare your dog for various canine sports, enhancing their physical and mental stimulation.

Our Training Philosophy

At Texas Dog Academy, our training philosophy is rooted in the belief that every dog deserves a loving and respectful approach to learning. We adhere to the following principles:

  • Positive Reinforcement: We focus on rewarding good behavior with treats, praise, and affection. This method fosters a positive learning environment and strengthens the bond between you and your dog.
  • Consistency and Patience: Consistency is key to successful training. Our trainers provide you with the tools and knowledge to maintain consistent training practices at home. Patience is equally important; we understand that every dog learns at their own pace, and we tailor our approach to meet their individual needs.
  • Holistic Approach: We take a holistic approach to training, considering your dog’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Our programs include not only obedience training but also enrichment activities, proper nutrition, and health care advice.

Success Stories

Nothing speaks louder than success stories from our satisfied clients. Here are a few testimonials from dog owners who have experienced the transformative power of Texas Dog Academy:

  • Sarah and Max: “Max was a handful before we joined Texas Dog Academy. He would jump on guests and pull on the leash during walks. After completing the basic obedience program, Max is a completely different dog. He’s well-behaved, and we enjoy our walks together. Thank you, Texas Dog Academy!”
  • John and Bella: “Bella had severe anxiety and fear of other dogs. The trainers at Texas Dog Academy were incredibly patient and understanding. Through their behavioral modification program, Bella has become more confident and calm. We’re so grateful for their help!”
  • Emily and Rocky: “Rocky has always been full of energy, and we wanted to channel that into something positive. Texas Dog Academy’s agility training program was perfect for him. He loves the challenges, and it has improved his focus and obedience. We couldn’t be happier!”

Join the Texas Dog Academy Family

Are you ready to experience the difference that professional training can make for you and your dog? Join the Texas Dog Academy family today and embark on a journey towards a better-behaved, happier, and more fulfilled dog.

Getting Started

  • Contact Us: Reach out to Texas Dog Academy to schedule a consultation. Our team will assess your dog’s needs and recommend the best training program.
  • Enrollment: Enroll in the program that suits your needs. We offer flexible scheduling and various packages to fit your lifestyle.
  • Commitment: Training requires commitment from both you and your dog. Attend sessions regularly, practice at home, and stay engaged with our community.


Texas Dog Academy is dedicated to helping you build a strong, positive relationship with your dog. Our experienced trainers, customized programs, and commitment to positive reinforcement make us the premier choice for dog training in Texas. Whether you have a new puppy, a dog with behavioral issues, or a furry friend ready for advanced training, Texas Dog Academy is here to help.

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